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How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

Tire Replacement

Tires generally last for three to five years, but a lot can depend on how you drive and how well you take care of them. Regular maintenance and tire rotations are certainly important, but they’re not the only factors that can help you get more for your money. We’ve put together a complete guide that will teach you how to make your tires last longer on the roads near San Jose. There’s no better place to start after picking up a new set.

What Causes Tire Tread Wear?

Tread wear is part of the natural course of events, but accelerated and uneven tread wear can be the result of a number of different factors. If you’ve noticed any issues, you can identify the culprit with our basic reference guide below:

  • Accelerated inner or outer tread wear points to an alignment issue.
  • Extra wear towards the center of your tire usually signals an overinflation.
  • Wear along the very edge of the tire is likely caused by underinflation.
  • Diagonally-slanted, scalloped wear (also referred to as cupping wear), is almost always the result of a serious problem with your suspension.
  • If your tires have distinct patches of wear in different locations, the problem probably has to do with your tire balance.

Have any questions? Reach out to the experts at our tire center.

Tips for Getting Long-Lasting Tires

You deserve long-life tires that you can depend on. If you want to be confident in your vehicle’s performance, make sure these items are on your maintenance schedule:

  • Monthly (or Weekly) Tire Pressure Checks – Tires can lose up to one pound per square inch of pressure during a normal month of driving, and rapid temperature changes can generate significant shifts in pressure. Check your pressure manually or refer to your Tire Pressure Monitoring System before you get on the road.
  • Regular Tire Rotation – Drivers who schedule regular rotation will enjoy four long-lasting tires, along with better performance. Those who don’t will notice that all their tires wear out at different times. One rotation for every 5,000 miles is a solid guideline, but you can also check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations.
  • Tire Balancing After Every Rotation – Your tires won’t necessarily receive the vehicle’s weight equally. Tire balancing after every rotation can ensure more even wear and lengthen the lifespan of your tires.
  • Wheel Alignment Twice per Year – Even if your tires are rotated and balanced, hitting a curb or going over a pothole may throw them out of alignment. If you have a shaking steering wheel or you’re noticing strange tread wear patterns, schedule realignment.

Even if you want to make your tires last longer, you don’t necessarily have to spend more on service. Find out how to rotate tires at home today!

Have Your Tires Checked at Los Gatos Acura

Ultimately, long-life tires are the result of careful attention and expert care! Check out our DIY car care tips to learn more about protecting your Acura, or explore our service specials to find exciting ways to save as you drive around Santa Clara and Monterey.

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